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Converting is the action of transforming units of measure , quantities, file formats and currencies, maintaining the same equivalence or functionality as the original value. Such changes can be made to illustrate how values ​​can be presented differently in other countries or represent greater variability in results.

The units of measurement are nomenclatures used to name the physical quantities (bodies, substances or phenomena that can be measured). Meters (m), kilograms (kg) and seconds (s) for example, are well-known and used units of measurement.

There are several measurement units, aiming to facilitate measurements, improve international relations and standardize the measures to be used around the world, the International System of Units (SI acronym) was developed in the 1960s . It is the updating of the metric system and is currently the most used system in the world (from trade to science), with the exception of Myanmar, Liberia and the United States, since they choose their own systems. The seven basic SI measurement units are shown in the following table:

# Quantities Basic units of measure Symbols
1 Length Meter m
2 Mass Kilogram Kg
3 Time Second s
4 Temperature Kelvin K
5 Electric Current Ampere A
6 Substance or matter Mol mol
7 Luminous intensity Candela cd

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On our website you will find tools that will help you to carry out your school tasks, academic research and professional activities. Convertpedia is available in English, Portuguese and will be available in Spanish in the future.

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