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The site went live at the end of 2020, since then I have been constantly adding new content, calculators and converters. All the work on the site is carried out only by a professional, who in addition to the site has a formal job, and thus cannot dedicate a greater workload to maintaining the site.

As with any other site on the internet, there are costs to maintain the platform online: domain and hosting. You may have already noticed that we provide spaces on the site for google to serve ads, but unfortunately the feedback we get is not enough to cover the costs of keeping Convertpedia available to you and other users.

The money raised will be used to pay for the services that keep the system up and running, purchase hosting, security and other resources that will make the site more robust, in addition to subsidizing my work here at Convertpedia.

I understand the reasons and want to donate.

First of all thanks, any amount is welcome! At first, paypal will be used to receive donations, you can rest assured, the platform is among the safest and most reliable, it is used worldwide.

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