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Meters per Second (m/s)
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Speed of light
Speed of sound
Speed of a brisk walk
Speed of a snail

Average speed

It is a vector quantity responsible for determining the displacement of a body in a certain period of time. That is, the average speed (Vm) determines the "speed" of a body in a certain distance covered.

The International System of Units (SI), uses the meter per second (m/s) to represent the unit of measurement of the speed, while the time is expressed in seconds (s). There are other units of measurement, including: km/h (kilometer per hour), mph (miles per hour), mps (miles per second), mph, among others.


The calculation of the average speed of a body is carried out by dividing the distance covered in a certain period of time, observe the following:

V m = ΔS/ΔT

Note that:

ΔS: distance covered (ΔS = S - S0)
ΔT: time interval (ΔT = T - T0)

In the conversion from meters per second (m/s) to kilometers per hour (km/h) it multiplies by 3.6. To convert kilometers per hour (km/h) to meters per second (m/s) the value is divided by 3.6, since 1 km is 1000 meters and 1 hour corresponds to 3600 s.