Online Timer


What is the online timer

The online timer will count down the hours, minutes and seconds that you have pre-programmed and will notify you of the end with an audible warning and a message.

Online timer utilities

You can use our tool for different activities! Regulate the time between your study sessions, physical activity, skill training, recipe preparation and much more!

Button function

Start: when pressed, the time countdown starts.

Pause: pressing this button will stop counting until the start button is pressed again.

Restart: resets the predefined time countdown.

Configure Timer: pressing the button will open a screen where it will be possible to configure the time for counting and a message to be displayed after the time has elapsed.

Online timer features

Our tool offers an option for full screen, with which you can enlarge the timer and use it in larger environments and with a large audience.

We also provide an audible alarm that will notify you when the countdown has ended. This feature is interesting because it will take care of you at the end of time when doing some activity, preparing some food and other things!

The timer also works even if it is not visible on the screen (do not confuse it with putting the computer in sleep mode).

Stay tuned!

The online timer does not work with the device in sleep or hibernation mode.

Our page does not use cookies to save your information. If the site is closed and reopened, the countdown will restart from the point you define.