Some information about Convertpedia!

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The Convertpedia project was born in 2020, with the initial objective of making available a few converters to help students with initial levels check their calculations or get answers to some questions.

However, we saw on the site an opportunity to make available a greater number of converters, and thus increase the number of people reached and who will be able to use the site to solve some problems.

Our main objectives are to provide the best and most assertive tools in this segment of online converters and calculators, we know that the competition is very strong and developed, but we believe that we have the conditions to reach and establish our place among the best.

But why stop only at converters when there is an infinity of tools that we can make available through the site? With this question in mind, we started to make more and more tools available, such as currency quote for the financial sector, chronometer and timer for hobbies and other activities, kitchen conversion chart for culinary use, and much more.

Project Layouts

Next, take a look at some of the layouts that our site has had in recent years:

1st Layout of Convertpedia

This design was the first that was used in the project, the idea was to explicitly decide through the image that we are like an encyclopedia of converters, but it was not a modern design for today. It took up a lot of space on the computer screen and cell phones, and our approach is to provide the best experience for us and other users.

2nd Layout of Convertpedia

It was the first evolution of the project, we sought to modernize the logo, and reduce the space occupied by it, so users consume less network bandwidth and get faster to the part of the site that really matters.

3rd Layout of Convertpedia

Seeking to increase the speed of loading of the site, we observed a possibility of improvement by developing a new simplified navbar, and that does not depend on many scripts to adapt to computers and cell phones. Not to mention the screen space gained by placing the logo and navigation buttons on the same level.