Currencies and Exchange Rate


Currency is any resource with easy and immediate access, which can be used to settle debts, carry out monetary transactions, be widely accepted and provide the holder with the right to purchase products and services.

Following are some definitions for the term “currency”:

Currencies are issued and controlled normally by a central figure (government), who is responsible for managing to fix and control the value.

Currency Converters:

ISO 4217 is a standard established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which in order to facilitate and end confusion between a large number of currencies called "dollar", "pound" and others called "franc" (and all with different values), defined a three letter code to represent the currencies in each country.

Below are some examples of codes and their corresponding countries:

# Code Currency Country in circulation
1 USD US Dollar United States
2 CAD Canadian Dollar Canada
3 AUD Australian Dollar Australia
4 BRL Brazilian Real Brazil
5 GBP Pound Sterling United Kingdom
6 EUR Euro Countries participating in the European Union
7 JPY Yen Japan
8 SEK Swedish Krona Sweden
9 DKK Danish krone Denmark
10 NOK Norwegian Krone Norwegian
11 CHF Swiss Franc Switzerland

Currency quotes and exchange rates

Represents the price of a foreign currency in relation to a currency in another country. It reflects the cost and strength of one currency relative to another.

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