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What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is the area of science that studies matter and everything that involves it: its formation, properties, transformations and the energy involved. It is responsible for observing and assembling models that explain all the transformations that occurred with the matter.

Matter is everything that occupies space and has mass, it is the main object of study in chemistry.

Like physics and biology, chemistry has great importance in the world we live in, with the study of matter it is possible to understand the properties and transformations that substances around us can undergo, and then use this knowledge to improve the quality of human life.

Among the improvements in the quality of human life obtained with the study of chemistry, we can mention:

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Chemistry is a science of three fundamental levels:

  1. Macroscopic: The phenomena that are visible to the naked eye are studied;
  2. Microscopic: Phenomena related to the reordering of atoms are studied, which are naturally not visible to human eyes;
  3. Symbolic: Phenomena are studied through symbols, formulas and mathematical equations.

Chemistry is divided into several areas, the main ones are described below:

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