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Gravity acceleration
unit-g (g)
Standard gravity g
Standard gravity
Meters per second squared (m/s²)
Feet per second squared (ft/s²)

What is Acceleration?

Determines the amount of movement of a body, that is, the acceleration is a quantity that indicates how the velocity of a body changes over time, so called uniformly varied movement.

When the body shows an increase in speed (increasing) there is acceleration (uniformly accelerated movement), when there is a decrease in speed (decreasing speed) it indicates a uniformly delayed movement.

Average Scalar Acceleration

The Average Scalar Acceleration (am) represents the variation in speed over a given time and consequently the acceleration acquired by this body, expressed by the formula:

A m = Δv / Δt

Note that:

Δv: speed variation (ΔV = V - V0)
Δt: time variation (Δt = T - T0)

The International System of Units (SI), uses the meter per second (m / s) to represent the unit of measurement of the speed, while the time is expressed in seconds (s). For these reasons, the average acceleration unit in the SI is m / s2 (meters per second squared).

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