Calculators and Converters - Mathematics

What is math?

It is the science that studies logical reasoning as well as abstract reasoning, it covers the study of spaces, measures and formats of structures, statistics, finance and many other areas.

Search, describe and correlate patterns, forming conjectures that are proven or not using deductive methods. Mathematics can be divided into pure and applied, and is used in the most diverse areas, such as computing, engineering, physics, medicine and many others.

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We can subdivide Mathematics into four large groups, namely:

Space and form

Studying the shape and area of geometric structures, learning how to calculate and dimension them. This group can be subdivided as follows:

Information processing

Checks analysis patterns that can be comparative or not. This group is related to the contents:

Number and operations / algebra and functions

Concentrates the study of numbers and operations, which consequently generates the study of algebra and functions. We can highlight the following contents:

Quantities and measurements

Studies the measurement standards for quantities, such as acceleration, density, frequency, molar mass, and others. This group is related to the contents:

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