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Conversion Tables

Molar Mass Units
Gram per mol (g/mol)
Kilogram per mol (kg/mol)
Atomic Mass
Hydrogen (H)
Oxygen (O)
Sulfur (S)
Chlorine (Cl)
Iron (Fe)
Molecular Mass
Hydrogen molecule (H2)
Water molecule (H2O)
Sodium chloride (Table salt) (NaCl)
Chlorine gas molecule (Cl2)
Sulfur molecule (S8)
Sugar (sucrose) (C12H22O11)

What is Molar Mass?

Molar mass is the amount of mass contained in 1 mole of substance. Mol is a word derived from the Latin “mole”, which can mean “lot”, “portion”, “quantity”, “heap”. It is the International System unit used to determine the quantity of elementary particles.

The mole is a quantity and not a unit of measure, it is related to Avogadro's Constant, NA, which corresponds to 6.02 x 1023 atoms, ions or molecules of a substance.

How to Calculate Molecular Mass

To perform the molar mass calculation it is necessary to obtain the atomic mass of the elements that make up the molecule, these data are obtained from a periodic table.

Then just add the atomic masses of each element of the molecule, the result should be in g/Mol (grams per Mol).


Atomic mass of a water molecule - H2O (2 molecules of Hydrogen and 1 molecule of Oxygen):

H (Hydrogen) = 1g
H (Hydrogen) = 1g
O (Oxygen) = 16g.

Molar mass of H2O = 1g + 1g + 16g = 18g/Mol.