Culinary Measures Converter - Spoon, Cup and more


Cooking is the art of cooking , producing and assembling food.

The methods, techniques, utensils and good practices vary from region to region, from people to people, where throughout history each civilization has evolved, along with the food consumed and the ways of preparing it.

The traditional cuisine of each country reflects cultural aspects, such as religion, which prohibits beef for Hindus, pork for Muslims and Jews. The cuisine can also reflect philosophical positions, such as vegetarianism (against the consumption of meat) and also veganism (against the consumption of products of animal origin in general).

Use our tools to make gram equivalence in cups, spoons (tea or soup), we provide a table with equivalences of culinary measures of flour, sugar, yeast and several other ingredients.

We also provide a tool for converting kilograms (kg) to grams (g), liters (l) to milliliters (ml), and other measures. Enter the input value, choose the input and output measures and press the button to get the conversion.

Check out our tools below:

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