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Feet per second squared (ft/s²)

How to perform key conversions involving length measurements

The formulas for conversion are represented below:

Formula from ft/s² to gal

gal = ft/s² * 3.048006096x101

Example: 30 ft/s² in gal:

gal = ft/s² * 3.048006096x101

gal = 30 * 3.048006096x101

gal = 9.1440182

Gal formula for ft/s²

ft/s² = gal / 3.048006096x101

Example: 20 gal in ft/s²:

ft/s² = gal / 3.048006096x101

ft/s² = 20 / 3.048006096x101

ft/s² = 6.5616-1

Frequently asked questions involving length and distance

100 ft/s² equals how many gal

If every 1 ft/s² we have 3.048006096x101 gal, just multiply the amount of ft/s² (100) by 3.048006096x101, so you will get that 100 ft/s² equals 3.048006096x103 gal. Observe the calculation below:

gal = ft/s² * 3.048006096x101

gal = 100 * 3.048006096x101

gal = 3.048006096x103

100 gal equals how many ft/s²?

If every 3.048006096x101 gal we have 1 ft/s², just divide the amount of gal (100) by 3.048006096x101, so you will get that 100 gal equals 3.2808 ft/s². Observe the calculation below:

ft/s² = gal / 3.048006096x101

ft/s² = 100 / 3.048006096x101

ft/s² = 3.2808

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