Kinematic Viscosity Conversion - Stokes, Centistokes, Square foot per second

What is Kinematic Viscosity?

Viscosity is the resistance that a fluid (gas or liquid) has during flow. This resistance or internal friction is caused by the movement of one layer of fluid in relation to another. Therefore, a liquid such as honey, which is highly resistant to movement, has a high viscosity, unlike water that flows easily, thus having a much lower viscosity.

Decimal places:

Conversion Tables

Centistokes (cS)
Stokes (cS)
Square millimeter per second (mm²/s)
Square centimeter per second (cm²/s)
Square meter per second (m²/s)
Square foot per second (ft²/s)
Square inch per second (in²/s)

v = μ / ρ

Please note:

ρ = specific mass of the fluid
μ = dynamic viscosity

The International System of Units (SI) uses m²/s to represent kinematic viscosity, however, we can also use centiStokes to represent this measure.